At last! EFI for the Pantera 351C or W
that is user friendly with outstanding looks.

  • We could write volumes about owners that switched over to EFI only to have their formerly dependable Pantera become suddenly undependable.

  • This system is for the owner who doesn't want to have to use a computer to make adjustments. Simple and easy to understand.

  • Can be used on the 351C or Windsor.

  • No laptop computer needed. Simple controls allow adjustments.

  • Split throttle shaft design for smooth performance.

  • Our kit includes: 

  • Fuel injector manifold assembled with TPS

  • Fuel rails.

  • Vacuum kit

  • Injectors

  • Wiring and harness

  • Carabine ECU

  • Fine mesh fuel filter.

  • Steel ram tubes

  • Weldon electric fuel pump and pressure regulator

  • MSD tach adapter.

  • The entire package is factory tested on a wet flow bench to match the engine fuel flow requirements and the system comes with a step by step installation and tuning manual.

  • Options: Polished aluminum air cleaner/ram tube combo. Remote thermostat housing. 0-60 psi pressure gauge. Oxygen sensor and reader.

  • Higher horsepower engines (600+ HP) may require higher flow injectors and/or fuel pump at a higher price.

  • Left: Fuel injection system

  • Please call for pricing for your application.
    Discounts for Platinum Members.

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