PI Motorsports, Inc. is pleased to offer our customers this new package of merchandise and services:

  1. 5% discount on all parts purchased.

  2. Special discounts on services offered by PI Motorsports, Inc., such as engine building and painting.

  3. Private access telephone hot line for technical advice and expedited ordering.

  4. PI Motorsports, Inc. Group 4 baseball cap.

  5. Special billet aluminum, hand-polished, decorative Pantera logo.

  6. PI Motorsports, Inc. parts catalog

  7. Platinum membership card

Baseball cap       Pantera emblem     Catalog   

  • The annual fee for our Pantera Platinum program is $75.00. For those customers who purchase from us frequently, our discounts alone can easily exceed the annual membership fee.

  • You may join when you make your first purchase.

  • For more information, please email or call us at 714-744-1398. Thank you!

1040 North Batavia, Suite G - Orange, California 92867
Telephone: 714-744-1398 - Fax: 714-7441397
email: sales@pim.net
Serving the DeTomaso Enthusiast since 1996 - Owned and operated by Pantera owners

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September 1, 2010