Taking your Pantera's suspension to the next level!

Modern technology and engineering at an affordable price

  • You would have to live on Mars not to know that the Pantera's suspension system was the best that there was in its day. Gian Paolo Dallara has always been a suspension genius and it was Alejandro DeTomaso who had the great idea to retain Dallara to design the Pantera's suspension system.
  • However, times have changed and modern technology has advanced considerably since 1971. PI Motorsports, Inc. has taken the bold step to update the Pantera's suspension using modern CNC construction techniques and billet aluminum material in fashioning an all-new system.
  • In the book, DeTomaso, the Man and the Machines, the late Alejandro DeTomaso was quoted as saying, "Put the money on the outside where people can see it, not where they can't see it." This was obviously true when viewing the original Pantera suspension. Historically, a work of art from a suspension stand-point in its day, but hardly suspension components that would be deemed, "show-quality".
  • Most of our customers favor having their entire Pantera looking and performing as good as possible. Our new Group 6 suspension system addresses these needs and a new, lower price than our last offered system.

  • Technical specifications
  • Material: Billet Aluminum crafted on a CNC machine
  • Polished to Concours standards
  • Includes: 8 A-arms, stainless steel rod ends and a-arm busings.
  • Sway bar caps shown in the photo are available at extra cost.
  • Easy to install by the Pantera back-yard mechanic.
  • Adjustable for precision alignment.
  • Much improved cornering and grip.
  • Made in the U.S., not imported from a far-off land.
  • Will make you and your car look younger! Don't be timid of setting up a mirror under your car at the next Concours.
  • Group 6 Suspension System Price
    • Pantera Platinum Customers Price:  $3,895.00

    • Non-members:$3995.00

    • Billet aluminum sway bar caps as shown are $39.95 each for Platinum Members and $42.95 each for non-members.




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February 19, 2013