1981 DeTomaso Longchamp

Mileage: 97,000 (156,320Km)

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Chassis number: 892BTHLCRV03077


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Emissions System

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Same owner since 1983
EPA and DOT releases
All records kept
C-6 automatic -rebuilt by Art Carr
Rebuilt radiator, large sucker fans and custom shroud
New high capacity alternator
Recent tire replacement
Factory MOMO steering wheel
PS, PB and modern Rotary style A/C system
Ceramic coated headers.
Brakes rebuilt with new rotors in the rear.
Carrera aluminum shocks
Recent water pump replacement
Fuel tanks restored.
Appeared in the book, DeTomaso, the Man and the Machines
One of less than a dozen imported into the U.S.
Great driving car. Veteran of many tours to Las Vegas, Monterey and other points.
Body has some scratches and minor chips. Paint is overall, quite attractive.
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