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Choose from our custom crafted parts, not available anywhere else.

  • Carbon Fiber Gauge Panel
  • Spice up your secondary gauge panel with our pure carbon fiber gauge panel
  • Simply transfer your gauges and switchgear and voila!
  • Even Mercedes have the carbon fiber look, now we can too.
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Carbon Fiber Hoods, Delta wing and Rear Deck Lids

  • Carbon fiber rear wing pricing:

  • Call for our best prices

  • Fiberglass rear wing pricing:

  • Platinum Price:  $650.00

  • Non-members: $700.00

  • Rear deck-lid in carbon fiber:

  • Call for our best prices

  • Also available in fiberglass deck-lid:

  • Platinum Price: $850.00

  • Non-members: $900.00

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    close up of front hood twill

    front deck lid shown

    • Give your front end a leading edge look with high tech carbon fiber. Weight savings alone is worth the price. Add our custom vents to gain better cooling. Offered at less than half the price of the competition.
    • Carbon Fiber Front Hood
    • Call for our best prices
    • Fiberglass Front Hood

    • Platinum Price: $550.00

    • Non-members: $600.00

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  • Carbon Fiber Side Scoops

  • Hand fabricated and exclusively yours are these carbon fiber scoops. Will aid in better air circulation to your induction system. Gives a great up-date to your car.

  • Call for our best prices

  • Available in fiberglass:

  • Platinum Price: $375.00

  • Non-members: $425.00

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  • Carbon Fiber Pre L Bumperettes
  • Highest possible quality in carbon fiber
  • Looks great and saves weight
  • Clear-coat already applied.
  • Call for our best prices
  • Also available in fiberglass - ready for painting


  • Carbon Fiber Shifter Backing Plate
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  • Carbon fiber faced gauges
  • Outrageous appearance
  • Chrome bezels
  • Set includes fuel, oil pressure, water temp and alternator
  • Brushed silver finish
  • Safer, reduced fire hazard and increased accuracy.
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Carbon fiber version below
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You asked for them and now we have them!

  • Aggressive and functional design.

  • Designed for ducting fresh air to your engine room.

  • Thick construction ensures that these scoops won't flex or flap in the breeze.

  • Ready to paint. Note wide diameter ductwork and hose attachment.

  • Platinum Price: $595.00 for the pair

  • Non-member price: $695.00 for the pair

  • Carbon fiber scoops

  • Call for our best prices

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  • Bulkhead Center Cover

  • Fabricated out of Carbon Fiber. Provides easy access to the front of your motor. With simple modifications, you no longer have to remove seats or roll bar. Saves weight and saves time. Perfect for racing applications or concours modified cars.

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  • Ordering Information:

  • We welcome your telephone calls. You may reach us at (714) 744-1398 Monday through Friday, 9-5 PST. 

  • Our fax number is (714) 744-1397

  • Our show room is located at 1040 N. Batavia, Suite G, Orange, California 92867. 

  • We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We will arrange shipping and handling at the customer's expense.

  • Please make your purchases carefully. There is a 25% re-stocking fee for returned merchandise.

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January 6, 2012