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About Pricing

The prices displayed in our advertising do not include DMV fees, document fees or sales tax. These charges will be added to the purchase price. The prices on consignment cars are set by the owners.

California Law

PI Motorsports, Inc. is a licensed automobile dealer in the State of California. Not all states permit advertising over the internet such as is presented by our firm. Therefore, the content provided is only applicable to sales to California residents. Please check the laws of your state to determine whether your advertising regulations permit our advertisements.

Who owns the cars offered for sale?

Almost all of the cars offered for sale by P.I. MotorSPORTS, Inc. are owned by private parties who have placed their cars in our hands for sale. We charge a commission for this service. This is called a consignment. P.I. MotorSPORTS, Inc. is the agent of the owner/seller and therefore represents the owner/seller. The information presented on this web site is received from the owners of consignment vehicles.


When an offer is made on a car by a customer, we present it to the owner for their review. The owner of the car may accept the offer, reject it or make a counter offer upon different terms or conditions. The pricing of the vehicles is generally set by the owner/seller and may not reflect market prices.

Condition of the cars

The cars offered for sale are used cars. They are either near or more than 30 years old in some cases. Some owners have restored their cars, some have not. The descriptions of the vehicles on this web site are based upon information provided by the owner/seller. 

Inspections prior to sale

Under no circumstances do we ever recommend that you purchase any automobile, whether through us or from any seller without inspecting it. We enthusiastically invite you to have your mechanic or representative thoroughly evaluate any vehicle. You should always form an opinion only after obtaining an independent, expert evaluation, unless you are competent to do it yourself. 

Warranty or Guarantees

All of the vehicles offered for sale by P.I. MotorSPORTS, Inc. have no warranty or guarantee. The automobiles are sold in, "AS IS - WHERE IS", condition. There is no "cooling-off", period once you make your purchase. Therefore, use extreme care in making your selection.

Things to look out for:


The number one issue in considering a DeTomaso automobile is rust. When these cars were initially built, very little concern was given to the fact that some 30 years later, enthusiasts would be cherishing these cars nor that they would sell for 2 to 3 times the original cost or more. As a result, certain precautions were not taken to combat rust. Water did not drain completely from the cars and subsequently, rust could take root. Panteras generally rust from the inside out. Some rust is observable, some is not. Unless a vehicle has been totally media blasted to bare metal and thoroughly inspected, it is difficult to state that any vehicle is rust-free. A rusty car can be expensive to repair and unsafe in some circumstances. For this reason the buyer should conduct his own or  arrange for an independent inspection to verify the condition of the vehicle.
A prospective purchaser may generally assume that the Pantera they are considering does have some degree of rust, even if none is readily observable. Unless the vehicle has received a bare metal, ground up restoration, it is probable that some degree of rust may exist.

Mechanical Condition

P.I. MotorSPORTS, Inc. does not offer an opinion as to the mechanical fitness of any particular vehicle. We rely upon the information provided by the seller. We strongly advise the prospective buyer to have all mechanical systems evaluated carefully by yourself or a qualified expert. The engine is an off the shelf Ford unit and parts are plentiful and reasonably priced. The ZF transmission is quite strong but parts and servicing can be quite expensive. Body parts are expensive and some portions of the coach work may have to be fabricated. The buyer should be aware through their own inspection or through a qualified expert's inspection as to the state of the power train, suspension and any mechanical components. We want you to be very satisfied with your purchase and to have years of enjoyment. Investigating the condition of a car beforehand makes good sense. 


  • Prior to purchasing any Pantera, please make certain that your own state will permit a Pantera to be registered. Most Panteras have modifications that may not pass emissions testing in your state. PI Motorsports, Inc. cannot render an opinion on out of state emissions requirements and assumes no liability or responsibility for out of state emissions testing for the vehicles we offer for sale. 1974 and older Panteras are exempt in California from emissions testing.

Further Information

Please feel free to email or telephone us to discuss the purchase of any automobile that we offer for sale. We hope that you will begin enjoying the hobby of owning a DeTomaso automobile by purchasing a car with the above stated information in mind.
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