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Above: This rebuilt ZF was treated to a jewel-like polishing of the case. The billet aluminum spreader bar adds a touch of class.

  • The most expensive part of the Pantera is its transmission.
    A lot has been written about the transmission in the club magazines and in books. The claim has been made that the ZF is "bullet-proof".

  • We can tell you that any piece of equipment that is over 20 years of age and has over 300  horsepower slamming away at it, is not bullet proof at all.

This is especially true if the owner has not had the transmission properly serviced or has increased the horsepower!

  • The ZF should have the fluids changed yearly

  • The ZF should have the ring and pinion safety wired

  • The ZF should be inspected and updated at least once in its lifetime!

The sad truth is that not every owner performs any preventive maintenance on the transmission!

  • FACT
  • There are few qualified ZF mechanics in the world that can properly service the transmission per the factory specifications
  • Copy cat gears and parts are on the market that can destroy your gearbox.
  • Our prices and service offer the best value for Pantera owners.

A ZF transmission can cost over $5-8,000 dollars or more to replace. A transmission failure can result in substantial repair costs and down time.

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