1969 Camaro

Custom built, ultimate drag race, show or Pro-Street

One of a kind!

Never driven-all new

Television and magazine featured

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California license plate: 3ROM922

Chassis number: 124379L503544

Mileage: Never raced 


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You will need some serious stones to try to drive this outrageously powerful and fast, classic Camaro. Everything possible has been done to this car, built on a cost is no object basis.
Full mild steel chassis with current NHRA certification to 7.50
Santoff front struts and Aluma Star rear coil over with ladder bar and rear roll control set-up.
Ford 9" rear end with Mark Williams 40-splined spool and Currie Axles.
Front and rear JFZ disc brakes
All steel body other than 5" cowl hood, rear deck and front bumper.
Front end slips off chassis.
Custom multi-color paint with graphics.
Centerline Warrior rims, 15X4 in the front with MT tires and 15X15 rears with 17X33 MT tires.
Complete powder coated aluminum interior with upholstery.
Autometer oil filled gauges with shift light tach.
The engine is a 44 cubic inch, big block Chevy roller motor with 14.5-1 compression.
Aluminum ported heads.
Roller motor 14.5 to 1 compression.
Aluminum ported heads with roller rocker Dart manifold with NOS pro-shot fogger set-up.
Holley Dominator carburetor
Mallory Comp 9000 and Hyfire 7 ignition box.
Milodon 10 quart pan and gear drive.
Custom billet rail valve covers.
2 aluminum fuel cells. One is for the main system and the other is for the NOS system. Both cells have their own fuel pump and regulators.
All hoses are Russell braided lines except the radiator has high temperature silicone hoses.
Ron Davis aluminum radiator and electric fan with shroud.
Custom ceramic coated step headers and exhaust system.
Jeffco 4-speed aluminum transmission and Lakewood can with billet fork and a 2-disk McLeod clutch.
Everything is new and has never been raced.
This car has been seen on My Classic Car and also on Speed Channel. This Camaro has been a multi-winner at Super Chevy.


$64,995.95 Sales price does not include DMV fees, documentary fees or sales taxes. Such fees will be added to the final sales price. Out of state residents who do not take delivery in California may not be subject to these charges.
This car is sold, "AS IS-WHERE IS". There is no warranty express or implied.
Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. 
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