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Once in a lifetime opportunity
For the ultimate DeTomaso Collector
One of the nicest Guaras in the U.S. has unfortunately experienced a fire causing damage to the bodywork and some mechanicals.

The Guara is repairable and factory parts are available to restore this car and return it to regular use. We have the knowledge and skills to make this happen.

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  • Only 43 Guaras were ever built by DeTomaso. Only two were thought to have made their way into the U.S. This intense yellow Guara could be seen at various club events and Concours and always drew a car. Having driven this car with its Ford 4-cam engine, we can assure you it was a very capable exotic automobile.
  • Sadly, a fuel line failure led to a fire in the engine bay which damaged the coachwork, scorched the powertrain and suspension. Fortunately, we can rebuild everything and most of the body parts and suspension parts are still available from two different vendors.
  • The Guara to us is one of the most unique DeTomaso Automobiles ever built. They are a real joy to drive and very comfortable. You won't see one on every corner and due to the very limited production are certain to appreciate in value. This Guara has the Ford 4-cam engine, not the BMW European unit and is much more powerful.
  • The interior is in very nice condition as well as the front half of the car.
  • The car is available for purchase as is or we will complete it to the new owner's tastes. Please call us for more information on this unique opportunity.
  • Disclaimer and purchasing information - please review prior to making an offer
  • We invite you to have an independent mechanic or appraiser inspect our cars.
  • If you are an out of state buyer, please verify the emissions requirements of your state prior to making an offer. This car is exempt but does comply with emissions requirements of California

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December 28, 2011