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Photo Gallery

  • We invite all DeTomaso Enthusiasts to submit their favorite photograph to us for posting in our Gallery. You needn't be a PI Motorsports, Inc. customer to participate.

  • To submit your photograph to us, simply click on this link and email your photo to us. Please try to keep the file size below 5 MB or our email server may return the photo to you.

  • We hope you enjoy checking out all the different variations there are of DeTomaso automobiles.

  • Please click on thumbnail image to view larger photograph.

  • Thank you for participating!

  • Jerry, Dave and Frank


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December 9, 2011






















PI Motorsports, Inc. offers the DeTomaso enthusiast a complete selection of Pantera parts. Our parts bins contain both factory and after-market items. You can also find new, used and restored parts as well. PI Motorsports, Inc. is proud to present the largest known selection of DeTomaso automobiles for sale under one roof. You will always find an excellent inventory of cars here. Our service department can provide everything from a complete restoration to a simple service such as an oil change. Let us prepare your Pantera or other DeTomaso automobile for reliable and fun street use to race or show. We have won many awards for the performance of our Ford engines and also the quality of our restoration at concours. We can help you sell your Pantera when it comes that time. Our consignment service is well known for helping put buyers and sellers together. PI Motorsports, Inc. also offers Pantera and DeTomaso owners discounts on parts if they are Pantera International members. Feel free to call us at any time. A knowledgeable enthusiast is only a phone call away.


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