Let PI Motorsports, Inc. Sell Your DeTomaso Automobile

  • Since 1996, PI Motorsports, Inc. has been the largest seller of DeTomaso Automobiles in the United States.

  • For some owners, selling a Pantera can be difficult to downright dangerous. Owners that have tried to sell their cars on their own have been deluged with "tire-kickers" who will waste your time and are totally unqualified. Worse yet, some individuals posing as buyers have other motives on their mind that vary from just trying to get a fast ride in a cool car all the way to stealing your car. Just think, what do you tell an interested buyer when he demands that he "test-drive" your Pantera? If you do turn over the keys, do you dare ride along? Do you really want strangers visiting your home or meeting them at a remote location?

  • When it comes to pricing your car, nobody has the knowledge and experience that we have in determining what a market correct price actually is. Since 1996, PI Motorsports, Inc. has basically made the market for Panteras.

  • Sadly, a great number of owners will sell their cars at too low of a price not knowing what a correct price actually is. After years of working on your car and then selling it, it is tragic to know that somewhere the buyer is bragging how he "stole your car". As an example, a customer came to us in 2011, asking us to sell his car for $35,000.00, a reasonable price for an average to above average Pantera. We obtained a consignment listing from the owner and promptly sold his car in one week for over $50,000.00. It was that simple in this case.

  • Don't worry about the condition of your car. We have sold some of the top show cars in the country all the way down to unfinished projects. We can find a buyer for any car wearing the DeTomaso Isis badge.

  • In most cases, our sellers end up with more money in their pocket after our fees are taken than they would have received had they sold their cars on their own. We are a fully licensed dealer and can handle all DMV paperwork as well as arranging world-wide transportation at reasonable cost.

  • If you and your car are located outside of a major metropolis, most buyers aren't interested in traveling to a remote location to look at a car. We can arrange transportation for your car to our showroom at surprisingly low cost, gaining maximum exposure for your car.

  • Buyers know that we always have the best possible inventory of cars and the most knowledgeable and trusted salesmen. This is the magnet for interested enthusiasts who wish to purchase a Pantera.

  • Our marketing plan reaches a worldwide audience. Most of our buyers are located off-shore and we have sold cars to nearly every country in the world where a Pantera can be driven.

  • Independent mechanics and appraisers are always invited to evaluate cars in advance of purchase.

  • Available financing options for qualified buyers.

  • Repairs at reasonable cost can be made as authorized by the seller.

  • Shipping arrangements at reasonable cost both national and international for the buyer.

  • Please click here for a copy of our consignment contract.

  • We are happy to discuss your car over the phone or by email. Thank you for your interest. Jerry, Dave and Frank

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PI Motorsports, Inc. offers the DeTomaso enthusiast a complete selection of Pantera parts. Our parts bins contain both factory and after-market items. You can also find new, used and restored parts as well. PI Motorsports, Inc. is proud to present the largest known selection of DeTomaso automobiles for sale under one roof. You will always find an excellent inventory of cars here. Our service department can provide everything from a complete restoration to a simple service such as an oil change. Let us prepare your Pantera or other DeTomaso automobile for reliable and fun street use to race or show. We have won many awards for the performance of our Ford engines and also the quality of our restoration at concours. We can help you sell your Pantera when it comes that time. Our consignment service is well known for helping put buyers and sellers together. PI Motorsports, Inc. also offers Pantera and DeTomaso owners discounts on parts if they are Pantera International members. Feel free to call us at any time. A knowledgeable enthusiast is only a phone call away.


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