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January 2011 Works in progress
Rare Gurney Eagle engine finds a new a 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta

PI Motorsports, Inc. was retained by our customer to complete and set-up on the dyno, this rare and valuable Gurney Eagle engine. The engine uses a Boss 302 cylinder block topped off by exotic Gurney Eagle Indycar heads. The look and sound of this engine is incredible. The engine develops over 450 horsepower on the dyno. The engine uses an unusual jackshaft assembly that was custom fabricated for the engine. PI Motorsports, Inc. is creating new headers for this installation. The recipient of this unique transplant is a 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta we also sold to its new owner. For more information on the car, please click on this link.


Exotic bodywork

Our customer brought his Pantera to us to have some exotic bodywork completed. After seeing Chris Ashton's Group IV Pantera, he wanted to have his car converted to a Group IV look using steel coachwork, not fiberglass. In addition, the customer wanted to have a very sturdy front spoiler fabricated to his specifications housing secondary headlamps. At this stage, the bodywork has already been launched and is well on its way to completion. PI Motorsports, Inc. is the only Pantera shop to have its own metal-crafter on the premises capable of performing this type of work on a timely basis and at reasonable cost. If you are considering a Group IV conversion or any other bodywork, even collision damage repair, please put our experience to work for you. We also can provide show quality to driver quality paintwork to fit your budget and tastes. We are happy to give a free price quote.


Group IV Conversion taking shape

PI Motorsports, Inc. is the DeTomaso Enthusiasts' first choice for Group IV conversions and other custom coachwork and interior customizations. Our metal-crafter Josh has fabricated these steel fenders for another customer's Pantera. It takes quite a few hours to perform this conversion, however, our staff has performed more of these assignments than our competition and our experience leads to faster turn-around and lower prices. The front flares will be merged with a custom front spoiler as work progresses. When the fenders are perfectly finished off, this car will be sent off to the paint shop. We will post pictures of her as the car is finished.


A factory Grp. IV Pantera now sells for over $250,000.00 if you can even find one. PIM customer Chris Ashton, created his own '4 concept from his stock-appearing
Pantera. With many custom touches and upgrades, this Pantera is a vibrant and aggressive appearing tribute to the original racing Panteras. We can perform any
modification no matter how small or large on your Pantera. The steel coachwork shown here was hand built in our workshop.

Before Group IV Conversion
Mr. Chris Ashton poses with his completed Grp. IV tribute Pantera. Bodywork and paint were expertly prepared by PI Motorsports, Inc.
For the an interview with Mr. Ashton and more photos, please click on this link.

  • During the month of November, our workshop is quite active. We are currently working on several complete restorations, a Group IV modification, custom interiors, engine upgrades and sound system installations. We welcome new assignments no matter how complex or simple. Here are a few photos of what we are up to!


The above restoration includes a new paint job after a bare-metal strip of the car. Our famous Hammer engine has been installed in a freshly smoothed and painted engine bay. The interior is being layered with Dynamat material to better insulate the passenger compartment. The dash, secondary gauge console and center console have been re-trimmed in-house in leather. An enlarged storage compartment was fabricated. New switchgear and cooling vents were added as well. Note the A/C controls and horizontal placement of gauges.

PI Motorsports, Inc. has the capability to do custom coachwork on your Pantera as shown in this Gruppo IV conversion that we are presently creating. With full input from the owner, we are able to make changes to suit the customer's tastes and requirements. This incredible Pantera is nearing the completion stage and will be a feature car in the Fall PIM Platinum Newsletter. Besides upgrading your Pantera, we can also repair collision damage, fabricate body panels, repair rust problems and perform simple to full Concours paint work. You would be pleasantly surprised to find out just how reasonable the cost is to make your Pantera fantasy a reality.

Bodywork and fabrication stage                                                                                       Completed Pantera
This 1972 DeTomaso Pantera was originally a Pre-L style body. The owner had his own concept of how a modern, GT/4 should look. Working closely with our customer from the initial idea stage, PI  Motorsports, Inc. found our customer an ideal platform type Pantera and working within the customer's budget, we began this restoration. The Pantera was stripped to bare metal in preparation for the installation of the all-steel flares. The customer selected the wheels and tires he desired and these were installed on the car to make certain that the fender flares matched up correctly. From this point forward, the flares were welded onto the body. Other metal work included removing the side markers, creating a custom front spoiler and modifying the front fenders and bodywork to accept modern, Ferrari headlights. The engine bay was also stripped to bare metal and filled and smoothed for finishing in matching paint. Some minor rust was found and repaired. The metal work on this car is meticulous and show-quality.




  • This dramatic and aggressive restoration is shown as a sample of PI Motorsports, Inc.'s capabilities. With this particular Pantera, the owner was involved at all times in the selection of the bodywork, paint choice, wheels & tires, powertrain, interior appointments and even the electronics.
  • PI Motorsports, Inc. is fully able to take a project or basket-case Pantera to full show standards. We have earned many awards for our work.
  • We have our own metal-crafter in our employ who can scratch-build coachwork to your specifications.
  • Modified interiors, updated sound systems and re-wiring our one of our many specialties.
  • The Pantera shown above is equipped with one of our PI Motorsports, Inc. Hammer engines. Displacing 427 cubic inches, this aluminum-headed beast pounds out over 560 horsepower with utter reliability and the best warranty in the business.




  • Completed in January of 2009, this brilliant Pre-L received a "frame-on" type restoration. The paint and bodywork was supplied by PI Motorsports, Inc. Looking at the paintwork in the sun is similar to viewing the surface of the sun. Lots of pop and pizzaz! The 17 inch Campy look wheels received a special polishing job with alternating polishing and satin finish for contrast. The interior was trimmed by PI Motorsports, Inc. The seats are stock frames but have been slightly reshaped and covered in soft and supple leather. The owner specified the special material and colorful stitching. The Pantera script was applied to the recovered dash. Please note how the center console has been modified and improved with a special storage compartment and general reconfiguration to the owner's tastes.

  • The rebuilt Cleveland and ZF have been highly polished and reflect boldly in the smoothed and painted engine bay. Wiring has been concealed and a high output PI Motorsports, Inc. A/C condensor was installed. New carpeting was applied in the interior and under the hood. The radiator is a "lay-down" type aluminum model. The upswept trumpet mufflers are a PI Motorsports, Inc. catalog item.

  • PI Motorsports, Inc. has the capabilities to handle the most extreme modifications and upgrades imaginable to a Concours, original-style restoration. We work within your budget and will not sell you more than you want or need. This owner has made many tasteful upgrades to his stock appearing Pantera that add considerable value, reliability and performance. Please feel free to email or call us to discuss your restoration or modification plans.

Prototipo Interior One-off

  • One of the more complex assignments we have received was to custom-fabricate a complete interior using all hand-made parts for the Tjaarda Spyder prototype. The dashboard and waterfall type center console were all designed and crafted in our workshop. The dashboard carries two separate video displays and custom gauges. The transmission is now shifted electronically with padel shifters at the driver' s fingertips. The sound system will knock your socks off with high end speakers planted all around the cabin. The seats have the Isis logo blended into the leather textiles. The doors open electronically. There is an iPod station and a rear facing television camera.

  • This interior took hundreds of hours to create and to upholster. The result was pleasing to the owner and reflects his distinct tastes. We can handle any interior assignment from a simple gauge upgrade to building a new dash, console or seats. Let us know what you would like to have done and we can make it happen within your budget.


  • PI Motorsports, Inc. handled all systems in the Spyder from powertrain, a 427 cubic inch Windsor with Hilborn direct port fuel injection, to the custom brakes, cooling system, wheels & tires and electrical system. Our workshop can do anything from a ground-up restoration to a simple oil change. We look forward to serving you.

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