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  • DeTomaso Pantera Resource Guide

  • 160 pages

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  • Many useful cutaway drawings and parts lists.

  • ZF technical descriptions, service advice and parts listed with diagrams.

Chassis Section

	1.1	Wheels, Hub Assemblies and Brakes (Front) 
	1.2 	Wheels, Hub Assemblies and Brakes (Rear) 
	1.3 	Brake Hydraulic System
	1.4 	Parking Brake System
	2.5 	Suspension, Shocks, Springs and Related Parts (Front)
	2.6 	Suspension, Shocks, Springs and Related Parts (Rear)
	3.7	Steering System and Column
	4.8 	Pedals and Linkage
	5.9 	Clutch and Related Parts
	6.10 	Shift Linkage, Transaxle Mounts, Speedometer Cables and Adapters
	7.11 	Transaxle and Related Parts (External)
	7.12 	Transaxle and Related Parts (Internal)
	7.13 	Transaxle Differential and Clutch Release
	8.14 	Front Engine Drive Accessories, Engine Mounts, Throttle Cables
	9.16 	Fuel System
	10.17 	Exhaust System
	11.18 	Cooling System
	12.19 	Heating and Air Conditioner (1st through 4th Series)
	12.20 	Heating and Air Conditioner (From #9000)
	13.21 	Instrument Panels and Related Parts
	14.22 	Console, Gauges and Related Parts
	15.23 	Electrical System, Relays and Related Parts
	16.24	External Lamps and Headlight System Mechanism
	17.25	Windshield Wipers, Washer, and Wiper Cowl Grilles
Body Section

	18.26	Exterior Body Parts, Flares, Spoilers, etc.
	18.27 	Front and Rear Deck Lids and Related Parts.
	19.28 	Front Under Body and Related Parts.
	19.29 	Center Body Structure and Related Parts.
	19.30 	Rear Body Structure and Related Parts.
	20.31	Doors and Related Parts.
	20.32	Doors Mechanisims, Glass and Weatherstrips.
	21.33 	Engine Covers and Splash Shields.
	22.34 	Exterior Body Accessories.
	23.35	Bumpers and Related Parts.
	24.36 	Windshield, Rear Glass, 1/4 Window Glass and Mouldings.
Soft Trim Section

	25.37	Interior Headliner, Door Panels and Related Parts.
	25.38	Carpeting and Insulation.
	26.39 	Tools, Jack, Spare Tire and Accessories.
Factory Accessories

	27.40	Factory Personal Accessories.
	28.41	Emblems and Wheels.
	29.42	Gauges, Switches and Lights.
	30.43	Brakes, Suspension and Performance Accessories.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397

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