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F Products - Aftermarket and custom items

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Condenser Fan
Air Conditioner

  • High-density A/C Condenser Fan
  • Improve cooling and reliability
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed remotely or you can double-up for added efficiency.


33103fan1.jpg (123615 bytes) 33103fan2.jpg (131024 bytes)

33103fan3.jpg (148941 bytes)  33103fan4.jpg (148681 bytes)

  • The Pantera is always getting a bad rap on the cooling system. Those of us who know the car are aware that the up-dates available can easily cure that ancient misconception. 
  • And now, we are really pleased to bring to market these new slim line fans. 
  • Our twelve inch model blows at 850 cam, more than double stock and our heavy duty fan, measures 14 inches and flows at 1250 cam. 
  • They are perfect for "lay down" modifications. 


  • Please call or email us for our best prices on aluminum radiators and related parts.

Fender Covers

FenderCover4.jpg (183704 bytes)  FenderCover3.jpg (164826 bytes)

FenderCover1.jpg (256234 bytes)  FenderCover2.jpg (201866 bytes)   

  • Don't risk scratching your paint while working on your car.

  • Our new fender cover not only looks great but will also gently cling to the body of your car as shown. You can rest a few tools on the top.

  • Embroidered Pantera script. Cover material looks almost like carbon fiber twill. Buy one for each fender.


Floor Mats


  • We have finally brought out our own line of floor mats for Panteras. 
  • We offer a wide
    array of color and logo combinations. 
  • We can whip up almost anything you want to match  your interior color co-ordination. 
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Prices:
  • Script mats: $90.00
  • With Isis logo: $110.00
  • Non-Member Prices:
  • Pantera script mats are $99.99
  • Pantera script with Isis logo: $119.99

Plush Pantera
Floor Mats


10162006Mats1.jpg (246914 bytes)  10162006Mats3.jpg (239956 bytes) 


  • Thick pile floor mats for the Pantera.
  • Very plush material with a combination of embroidery and woven fabric.
  • Thick binding to protect against unraveling.

  10162006Mats4.jpg (168551 bytes) 
 10162006Mats5.jpg (151932 bytes)


DeTomaso Decorative Art Mats

10162006Welcome1.jpg (164536 bytes)  10162006Welcome2.jpg (164065 bytes)
10162006Welcome4.jpg (97125 bytes)  10162006Welcome3.jpg (219188 bytes)

  • DeTomaso Enthusiasts never can seem to get enough marque-themed merchandise. So, how about these new mats, which can also be used as wall-hangings.

  • Very thick and plush pile with highly detailed lettering in contrasting color materials.

  • Thick binding to prevent unraveling.


  • Large-size mat measures: 36 X 48 inches.

  • Platinum Price: $289.95

  • Non-member price: $299.95

  • Small-size mat measures: 24 X 36 inches.

  • Platinum Price: $149.95

  • Non-member price: $139.95

  • *Custom colors available at extra cost.


Flares - GTS Style

gtsflares2.jpg (79380 bytes)  gtsflares4.jpg (76175 bytes)
  gtsflares3.jpg (125816 bytes)
  gtsflares1.jpg (103760 bytes)  
  • Fiberglass GTS Flares
  • These flares fit properly. No excuses and extra fees by the bodyshop trying to sort out flares that never fit properly.
  • High quality construction.
  • Finally, you can give your car the GTS look without the hassle.

Fly Wheel

  • Aluminum high performance fly wheel with precision engineering.

  • Lightened for quick acceleration

  • Selected especially for the Pantera

Foot Pedal Covers

footpedal601.jpg (42933 bytes)

  • Give your foot pedals a leading edge look
  • Easy to apply covers
  • Several choices of styles

Front Spoiler
GTS Style

fsmain425.jpg (42090 bytes)  fs425d.jpg (21902 bytes)

  • We were fortunate to retain an Italian coachbuilder who
    recently located to Southern California and is now applying
    his artistry to the Pantera. Our first new product is this GTS style front spoiler. 
  • This is an all metal, hand built item. We commissioned this product for our customers who will not accept a fiberglass component for their car. 

Fuel injection

At last! EFI for the Pantera 351C or W,  that is user friendly with outstanding looks.

  • We could write volumes about owners that switched over to EFI only to have their formerly dependable Pantera become suddenly undependable.

  • This system is for the owner who doesn't want to have to use a computer to make adjustments. Simple and easy to understand.

  • Can be used on the 351C or Windsor.

  • No laptop computer needed. Simple controls allow adjustments.

  • Split throttle shaft design for smooth performance.

  • Our kit includes: 

  • Fuel injector manifold assembled with TPS

  • Fuel rails.

  • Vacuum kit

  • Injectors

  • Wiring and harness

  • Carabine ECU

  • Fine mesh fuel filter.

  • Steel ram tubes

  • Weldon electric fuel pump and pressure regulator

  • MSD tach adapter.

  • The entire package is factory tested on a wet flow bench to match the engine fuel flow requirements and the system comes with a step by step installation and tuning manual.

  • Options: Polished aluminum air cleaner/ram tube combo. Remote thermostat housing. 0-60 psi pressure gauge. Oxygen sensor and reader.

  • Higher horsepower engines (600+ HP) may require higher flow injectors and/or fuel pump at a higher price.

  • Fuel injection system

  • Please call for pricing.

  • Discounts for Platinum Members


Ordering Instructions

There are three ways to order:

  • Pick up the telephone and call us at (714) 744-1398. We are open M-F from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

  • Fax us your order to (714) 744-1397 and be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include all the shipping particulars. We use UPS

  • Mail us your order and include a check or money order. No cash please!

  • 25% Re-Stocking fee on returned merchandise. Please make all of your selections and purchases carefully. Thank you.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397
 e-mail: sales@pim.net

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October 20, 2011