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H Products - Aftermarket and custom items

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  • These are our super-duty, Spicer half shafts that we developed for our customers who demanded shafts that could stand up to high horsepower applications,
    such as 700 and up. 
  • You can use these on your street car with peace of mind and we guarantee them for 100,00 miles. 
  • Please call for pricing.



  • Gents! Cover that chrome dome and toupe!

  • PI Motorsports cowboy or baseball cap for $20.00

  • Quality embroidery with the Group 4 PIM logo

  • Let people know what kind of car you drive and look cool at the same time.


  • $20.00

Handle Tub

Replacement handle tub

  • New materials and re-engineered for superior fit on your Pantera.

  • Tub only - rebuild with your stock parts. Pictures show the tub rebuilt with stock parts.

  • Comes with our unique pin set-up for easy servicing.

     92404tub.jpg (54521 bytes)   92404tub1.jpg (69974 bytes)
92404tub3.jpg (47684 bytes)  92404tub4.jpg (41011 bytes)  92404tub5.jpg (62084 bytes)


Harmonic Balancer

bestharmony.jpg (23779 bytes)

  • We recommend replacement of the harmonic balancer,
    especially when an engine is being rebuilt or replaced. The
    original items and even some after-market brands are prone to wear out or fail.
  • There can be severe consequences for the owner when the balancer fails to do its job or simply wears out.
  • You will be very pleased with the quality of our balancer and
    can have peace of mind.

3v1113d.jpg (55315 bytes) 3v1113a.jpg (50779 bytes) 3v1113c.jpg (45178 bytes) 3v1113b.jpg (55123 bytes)

  • These heads come bare with high-nickel chrome valve seat inserts, uncut to allow head porters to perform further work and create their own valve seat combinations.

  • Standard 4V manifolding and valve train components allow for economical upgrading from cast iron heads.

  • Please click here for dyno test results


  • After long being neglected by cylinder head manufacturers, owners of Ford Cleveland V8's can now enjoy the maximum flow potential, thermal efficiency and light-weight of purpose built heads from Australian cylinder head specialists.

  • These heads feature the best elements of 4V and 2V designs with standard 4V valve sizes, flow aq massive 321 CFM on the intake and 220 CFM on the exhaust, at just .650" valve lift, OUT OF THE BOX! Great attention has been paid to port cross sectional area to achieve these flow figures while still maintaining excellent air velocity for superior torque and throttle response.

  • Incredibly light compared to regular cast iron, weighing just 24 pounds each, a weight savings of 28.5 pounds over the factory 2V iron head.

  • Aluminum cylinder heads:

  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price: $1,995.95 per pair

  • Non-member price: $2,195.95

  • Fully built out heads available. 
    Please call to discuss your application.

2V and 4V

  • 4V Closed Chamber bare cylinder heads. 

  • In like new condition. 

  • Very hard to find. 

  • Limited availability

    newheads599.jpg (20176 bytes)

  • Aussie 2V heads

  • Generally unobtainable

  • Heads are in bare condition or can be built out with our own specification 3 angle valve job

  • Heads are cleaned and magnafluxed already
    2vheads322.jpg (9978 bytes)

  • 4V Cylinder heads $650.00 per pair

  • 2V Cylinder heads
    $699 per pair


header329side.jpg (40880 bytes)  smallheaderpic.jpg (61753 bytes)

9202header1.jpg (118665 bytes)  9202header2.jpg (115522 bytes)

  • Big Throat Headers as designed and updated by the legendary Fred Matsumoto, the founder of Pantera International. 

  • Over 25 years of development and customer satisfaction.

  • Now available for Windsor and Cleveland engines

  • Craftsmanship in construction

  • Reduced back pressure

  • Sure fitting

  • The most popular headers ever built for the Pantera



  • Replacement lamps
  • High-gain Halogen
  • Big improvement over stock

Holley Carburetor modified for the Pantera

pimcarbss.jpg (50294 bytes)

  • The Ultimate Holley Carburetor for Street and Performance Panteras

  • This is a carburetor that offers the best of all worlds for the Pantera. Starting with a Holley 4150 HP carb and then customizing it.

  • Screw in air bleeds

  • Reusable Viton gaskets

  • Notched float and jet extensions to prevent fuel starvation

  • Milled air-horn, choke tower and choke control

  • High flow throttle body with 1.75" bores

  • Dual inlet fuel bowls with brass floats

  • Four corner idle system for improved idle control

  • High flow power valves and viton-tipped needle/.120 seat assembly

Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber - Front and rear

hood71201.jpg (40787 bytes)  hood712cu.jpg (72315 bytes)

  • Give your front end and rear deck lid, a leading edge look with high tech carbon fiber.
  • Weight savings alone is worth the price.
  • Superior quality
  • Ready to bolt on
  • Front and rear deck lids can be prepared as a matched set. 

cfdeck83002b.jpg (148945 bytes)

cfdeck83002d.jpg (113114 bytes)

Click here for prices

Hood vents

frnthoodventnov.jpg (25544 bytes)

  • These hood vents will give you an extra measure of cooling.
  • Give your car the late model look  

Ordering Instructions

There are three ways to order:

  • Pick up the telephone and call us at (714) 744-1398. We are open M-F from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

  • Fax us your order to (714) 744-1397 and be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include all the shipping particulars. We use UPS

  • Mail us your order and include a check or money order. No cash please!

  • 25% Re-Stocking fee on returned merchandise. Please make all of your selections and purchases carefully. Thank you.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397
 e-mail: sales@pim.net

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