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B Products - Aftermarket and custom items

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Nose badge and Ghia side badge


  • There is nothing worse than seeing a worn out, scratched or unreadable DeTomaso or Ghia badge! 
  • A sure way to lose a Concours or to have your car mistaken for another Italian car. 
  • Judges never overlook details like these badges. 

Badge - Isis


Isis badge for your placement

  • Hand made badge can be placed on the side of your car or on front grill or any other surface, even around a chain to wear around your neck. You place it wherever you wish.


(Harmonic Balancers)

  • We recommend replacement of the harmonic balancer, especially when an engine is being rebuilt or replaced. The original items and even some after-market brands are prone to wear out or fail.
  • There can be severe consequences for the owner when the balancer fails to do its job or simply wears out.

Ball Joints

  • Compare our set of new, factory ball joints to our competitor's original parts which are priced at $2,516.85

  • These brand new parts offer a perfect fit and a great update for your Pantera if your car's current parts are tired or you are in the process of restoring your car.

  • Direct replacement

  • The set comes as shown with all parts displayed..

12072006BallJnt1.jpg (237813 bytes)  12072006BallJnt2.jpg (178228 bytes)  12072006BallJnt3.jpg (128714 bytes)  12072006BallJnt7.jpg (267334 bytes)

12072006BallJnt4.jpg (154559 bytes)  12072006BallJnt5.jpg (152087 bytes)  12072006BallJnt6.jpg (178649 bytes)


Battery (Dry Cell)

  • The finest battery that money can buy

  • The ideal battery for the automobile enthusiast who does not use their car frequently

  • Can be stored up to two years without the need for recharging.

  • Uses 99.9% virgin lead for exceptional output and unrestricted input.

  • 70% longer cycle life than conventional deep cycle batteries. Up to 400 cycles @ 80% DOD

  • Capable of 100% recharge in four hours.

  • Non-spillable design - can even be mounted sideways.

  • Designed to protect against high impact shock and mechanical vibration.

  • Extreme temperature tolerance: - 40 degrees F to 176 degrees F

  • Totally maintenance free! No need to add water, EVER! Drycell design with resealable venting system.

  • 100% shippable, classified non-spillable battery, no gassing. Bonded inter-cell connections eliminates internal sparking.

  • Made in the U.S.!


  • Platinum Price: $340.00

  • Non-Member Price: $365.00

  • Optional billet aluminum bracket kit with finned top as shown: $110.95 for Platinum Members and $120.95 for Non-members.


Battery Cover

  • Billet aluminum Optima battery cover
  • We only recommend Optima batteries at PI Motorsports, Inc. There is no finer unit. We are proud to now offer this superb dress-up item to go with it.
  • Polished like a jewel with the Isis logo engraved in.
  • Comes with new, tie-down hardware. 

71403batcvr1.jpg (85813 bytes)  71403batcvr2.jpg (99902 bytes)  71403batcvr3.jpg (72963 bytes)


Seat belts, Simpson brand

simpsonbelts132.jpg (35744 bytes)

  • If you are safety conscious and seriously considering taking your Pantera out on the track, please order high quality Simpson seat belts, four or five point for your car.  
  • We recommend spending the extra money for the "cam-lock"
    because they are so much easier to fasten when you are rushing up to the grid and also to release.
  • Also shown are OMP brand seat belts. Please call for best price.

Billet shift knob

bilshftknb215.jpg (58436 bytes)  cfplatebestsm.jpg (29526 bytes)

  • Shown is our special billet shift knob, carved out of a block of solid aluminum.
  • Retains original shape but offers billet construction.
  • Isis logo emblem included.
  • Aluminum shift plates and carbon fiber backing plates can also be seen.

Body Panels


doorskins61.jpg (33914 bytes)  radcover61.jpg (42127 bytes)

rocker61.jpg (25601 bytes)  fs425d.jpg (21902 bytes)

  • One of the greatest expenses you may encounter when you
    restore or repair your Pantera are the body panels. 
  • Original parts are very expensive. Used panels are hard to locate. PI
    Motorsports, Inc. can now offer its customers these high quality,
    steel panels that are hand-built by an Italian master craftsman.
  • You will be pleased with the artistry and substantial construction of these units.

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antobp81a.jpg (118091 bytes)

antobp81c.jpg (28928 bytes)

antonbpd.jpg (83570 bytes)

antonbp81b.jpg (49585 bytes)

Body Tags

  • If you have a concours Pantera and you want to freshen up your body tags, here are reproductions that will make your car look factory fresh.

  • Three piece set or available individually.

BodyTag1.jpg (109665 bytes)  BodyTag2.jpg (79837 bytes)  BodyTag3.jpg (102970 bytes)


Books on  Panteras

 DeTomBook1.jpg (135745 bytes)  DeTomBook2.jpg (150382 bytes)

DeTomaso Pantera
By David & Linda Adler and Wallace Wyss

  • All color photographs - over 170 photos and other information.

  • Photos by PI Motorsports, Inc.'s own Dave and Linda Adler

  • Foreword by Tom Tjaarda

  • This book shows Panteras from the U.S. and Europe. You will see how owners have modified their cars. Lots of good ideas with interesting captions by Wallace A. Wyss.


  • No longer in print.


Pantera DVD


Panteras Forever DVD

  • Sixty minute production on DVD by Greg Summitt

  • Highlights of the Concorso Italiano, POCA Convention and interviews with various owners.

  • An interesting program for the enthusiast.


PI Motorsports 
Group 5 Brake System

For 17 inch wheels only - the ultimate brake system for the Pantera!

  • Here at PI Motorsports, Inc. we know how to breathe fire into your Pantera with engine upgrades of 500 to 700 horsepower or more.

  • Now, we are pleased to offer our own brake system for your Pantera that can stop as well as our engines perform.

  • This is a complete kit with all you need to get the job done, even includes an emergency brake.

  • Our Group 5 Brake System includes the following:
  • Front brakes: 325mm X 32mm, 2 piece vented rotors, 4-piston forged calipers, all brackets, brake pads, stainless steel flex hoses hardware and instructions.
  • Rear brakes: 325mm X 32mm 2-piece vented rotors, 4-piston calipers, emergency brake calipers, stainless steel flex hoses, hardware and  instructions.
  • Parts included: rotors, hats, brackets, spacers, calipers, brake pads, cap screws, washers, hex bolts, stainless steel flex hoses, caliper fittings and chassis fittings.
  • PI Motorsports, Inc. believes 4-piston brake systems are superior to 6-piston calipers. Why? More gripping surface on the pistons with 4 pistons than six, which are smaller and the total diameter is less than having four big ones.

Brake Lines

  • Braided stainless steel lines for stock brake system.
  • Includes adapters


Stock-style Brake Pads



  • PI Motorsports, Inc. brand brake pads - set of four pieces.
  • For your front Pantera brakes only.
  • Semi-metallic pads.
  • No sensor wires.
  • Brand new and first quality.
  • Original style and guaranteed to fit but with modern engineering, materials and performance.
  • Exceeds quality and stopping power of brake pads costing $200 or more per set.



  • Platinum Price: $99.95 for the set

  • Non-Member Price: $129.95 for the set


Brake Pads


High performance, custom made brake pads that now provide modern car braking potential

High tech Carbon Kevlar composition

Increases grip by 30-40% without making a meal out of your rotors.

Improved brake pedal feel and peace of mind.

Pure race pads also available - please call for price


Cheetah Pads
31003brk1.jpg (68372 bytes)  31003brk2.jpg (168235 bytes)  31003brk3.jpg (61057 bytes)


Master Brake Cylinder
Stock Replacement


  • PI Motorsports, Inc. 
    Master Brake Cylinder
  • New, not remanufactured
  • Retain your stock reservoir
  • 1 1/8" Bore
  • More fluid and better braking
  • Direct replacement with no adapters
  • Looks like the original

Bucket Seats


  • We reconfigure and re-cover your original seats. Simply ship us your seats and we will update and reupholster them.
  • Please call us to discuss colors and shipping arrangements. You will be very pleased with the final
    result. Our customers love them.

Bucket Seats

corbeauseat6402.jpg (18902 bytes)

  • If you are looking for a replacement seat that will serve the dual purpose of providing comfort and support for street driving but also extra bolster and padding with 4 to 6 point seatbelt facilitation, then please consider our "Clubman" seat. 
  • Available in black, red or blue. 

Carbon Fiber composition


  • Fabricated out of Carbon Fiber. Provides easy access to the
    front of your motor. With simple modifications, you no longer have to remove seats or roll bar. Saves weight and saves time.

  • Perfect for racing applications or concours modified cars.




https://pim.net/cffront903a.jpg (84196 bytes)  https://pim.net/cffront903d.jpg (89882 bytes)  https://pim.net/cffront903c.jpg (78329 bytes)  https://pim.net/cffront903b.jpg (129655 bytes)


  • Carbon Fiber Pre L Bumperettes
  • Highest possible quality in carbon fiber
  • Looks great and saves weight
  • Clear-coat already applied.
  • Click here for prices

Wide body front and rear bumpers

  • Built for the famed "Blue Bomber" Pantera

  • Many best of show wins thanks to unique bumpers.

  • Now available for your wide body, fat fendered Pantera.

  • The original set cost over $5,000 to execute.

  • Available in thick wall fiberglass as shown.



80404pabu1.jpg (52065 bytes) 
 80404pabu2.jpg (56168 bytes) 
 80404pabu3.jpg (79872 bytes)
  80404pabu.jpg (87429 bytes)
  80404pabu4.jpg (86310 bytes)   80404pabu6.jpg (87341 bytes)

  • Built for the famed "Blue Bomber" Pantera

  • Many best of show wins thanks to unique bumpers.

  • Now available for your wide body, fat fendered Pantera.

  • The original set cost over $5,000 to execute.

  • Available in thick wall fiberglass as shown.

  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price: $1,395.00 for the front or rear bumpers.

  • Set price Pantera Platinum Customers Price: : $2,000.00 for front and rear bumpers.

  • Non-members: $1,495.00 for the front or rear bumpers.

  • Set price for non-members: $2,100.00 for the front and rear bumpers.

Steering Rack


When you rebuild your steering rack or have us do it for you, please upgrade with this special bushing. Add long life to your rack and steering stability.

Bushings (A-arms)

  • From Bella Italy, comes these incredible high performance, factory, press-in A-arm bushings for your Pantera.

  • Sourced directly from a DeTomaso supplier and as found on the Pantera.

  • Reasonable cost for a quality built item.

  • Set of 16 pieces.

12072006Bush1.jpg (216245 bytes)  12072006Bush2.jpg (240362 bytes)    12072006Bush4.jpg (257505 bytes)  12072006Bush5.jpg (178759 bytes)



Ordering Instructions

There are three ways to order:

  • Pick up the telephone and call us at (714) 744-1398. We are open M-F from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

  • Fax us your order to (714) 744-1397 and be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include all the shipping particulars. We use UPS

  • Mail us your order and include a check or money order. No cash please!

  • 25% Re-Stocking fee on returned merchandise. Please make all of your selections and purchases carefully. Thank you.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397
 e-mail: sales@pim.net

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