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S Products - Aftermarket and custom items

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Mangusta Shift-Plate

  • DeTomaso Mangusta Shift Plate

  • Based upon the original item.

  • Expertly crafted

  • Polished aluminum material.

  • Made in the U.S.!



Carbon Fiber 
Side Scoops

yelpscoop.jpg (37867 bytes)

  • Carbon Fiber Side Scoops
  • Hand fabricated and exclusively yours are these carbon fiber scoops. 
  • Will aid in better air circulation to your induction system. 
  • Gives a great up-date to your car. 

Side Scoops
Elephant ear style

3252004sidscoo1.jpg (113782 bytes)  3252004sidscoo4.jpg (177908 bytes)
3252004sidscoo3.jpg (192314 bytes)
  3252004sidscoo2.jpg (182796 bytes)
Carbon fiber version below

  • Aggressive and functional design.

  • Designed for ducting fresh air to your engine room.

  • Thick construction ensures that these scoops won't flex or flap in the breeze.

  • Ready to paint. Note wide diameter ductwork and hose attachment.
    621scoop1.jpg (101489 bytes) 621scoop2.jpg (122809 bytes) 621scoop3.jpg (69231 bytes)


 Seats and upholsterey



  • It seems like everybody wants to upgrade their stock Pantera seats. Until now, Pantera owners had to select seating from after market suppliers at great expense. Often times the final result is a fine piece of furniture is installed in your car that looks totally foreign and spoils the stock appearance of the car.
  • Also, we have seen a lot of applications whereby the driver or passenger now find their heads closer to the roof or to the controls. We won't even start to address quality considerations of after-market seats. 
  • This is why P.I. Motorsports, Inc. has designed and fabricated our own leather seats for the Pantera. Using only high quality leather hides and expert stitching, these seats will add not subtract value from your automobile. They are comfortable for long drives and supportive for on track or spirited driving. 
  • The best part is that these are still your original Pantera seats! We reconfigure and recover your original seats or we can work with nearly any core seat that you provide us with.  
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price: From $1050.00 per pair.

  • Non-member price:
    From $
    1,150.00 per pair

  • Simply ship us your seats and we will update and reupholster them for . Far less than you would pay for even one, high-end leather seat. Please call us to discuss colors and shipping arrangements. You will be very pleased with the final result.

  • Our customers love them.


  • PI Motorsports, Inc. offers this inexpensive, supportive and very attractive replacement seat for your Pantera.

  • Offering improved driving comfort with special bolsters and seat back shape with headrest for your safety and proper seating position. 

Make your Pantera the

50704seat3.jpg (152676 bytes) 50704seat2.jpg (173960 bytes)
50704seat1.jpg (117719 bytes) 50704seat4.jpg (102369 bytes)

Vinyl material that looks like leather. You can't beat the price or the look!


Seats - Racing


The Clubman race seat is a great lightweight, entry level race seat. This seat features extra high kidney bolsters to give you that true “bucket seat” look and feel. What also makes this seat different is it's more reclined than most fixed back seats. For many, this extra recline makes it much more comfortable. As a rule of thumb, the Clubman will fit up to 36 inch waist. High wear patches are strategically placed to protect your seat from abuse in the high wear areas. The Clubman race seat is available in cloth and vinyl materials.  Colors: Grey, Red, Blue or Black 



Seat Belts

 simpsonbelts132.jpg (35775 bytes)

  • If you are safety conscious and seriously considering taking your Pantera out on the track, please order high quality Simpson seat belts, four or five point for your car.  

  • We recommend spending the extra money for the "cam-lock" because they are so much easier to fasten when you are rushing up to the grid and also to release.

shoulder6402.jpg (133607 bytes)

  • PI Motorsports, Inc.
     Shoulder Savers

  • High quality embroiderey as shown

  • Velcro fasteners

  • 3 different types of text on red or black material.

  • Belts and harnesses will not be uncomfortable any longer and looks trick as well.


Billet shift knob

bilshftknb215.jpg (58436 bytes)  cfplatebestsm.jpg (29526 bytes)

  • Shown is our special billet shift knob, carved out of a block of solid aluminum.
  • Retains original shape but offers billet construction.
  • Isis logo emblem included.
  • Aluminum shift plates and carbon fiber backing plates can also be seen.

Shift Plate
with reverse lock-out

Reverse - Lock-Out Shift Gate

  • Billet aluminum construction with engraved numerals

  • Movable flap swings into place or out of the way to prevent accidental shifting into reverse.

  • Highly polished.

  • Includes screws.


  • Platinum Price: $92.95 for the shift gate with lock out arm

  • Non-Member Price: $99.95 for the shift gate with lock out arm

  • Lock-out arm alone:

  • Platinum Price: $45.95 for the lock-out arm only

  • Non-Member Price: $49.95 for the lock-out arm only


Shock Absorbers
Aluminum adjustable

frntpishock132.jpg (29851 bytes)  reaarpishock1321.jpg (45807 bytes)

  • A very special set of shock absorbers for a great car. The Pantera demands the best and you can have it at the lowest price anywhere.
  • We present a set
    of four, 12-way adjustable and re-buildable aluminum billet shock absorbers.
  • You can adjust the compression and rebound to your tastes. 
  • Included are the
    special bearing mounts and springs that you may specify the spring rates to dial your car in. 
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price: $979.95
  • Non-member price: $1,028.95
  • Shock spacer kit is highly recommended. Price: $19.95
  • Shock wrench - permits you to easily make adjustments. Price: $19.95

Street Pro Plus
Dual Adjustable Billet Aluminum Shock Absorbers




  • The State of the Art in shock absorbers for the DeTomaso Pantera

  • Specially engineered and designed with our guidance for maximum Pantera performance.

  • This shock absorber system has dual adjustment features not found in older style shock absorbers. Now an owner can easily select their own desired compression and rebound settings by easy to read dials.

  • Re-buildable.

  • Adjustable ride height for your car to suit your own preferences.

  • Comfortable ride for the street but can be easily dialed in for incredible on-track performance.

  • The set of four comes with specially matched springs. The spring rate shown is 550 pounds.

  • Billet aluminum material.

  • Concours appearance.

  • Made in the U.S.


Deck lid Support

shockdec31.jpg (29589 bytes)

  • Ever had your rear deck smack you on the head? Is your new delta wing too heavy for the old shocks? We have a solution for you. 
  • Try our new shocks
    that you can select for wing or without wing applications. 


Spoiler - Front

frontspoilerbg.jpg (40793 bytes)  frontspoilerbg2.jpg (22010 bytes)

fs425d.jpg (21902 bytes)

  • We were fortunate to retain an Italian coachbuilder who
    recently located to Southern California and is now applying
    his artistry to the Pantera. 
  • Our first new product is this GTS style front spoiler. This is an all metal, hand built item. 
  • We commissioned this product for our customers who will not accept a fiberglass component for their car. 

Spoiler - Roof

The spoiler shown started out bare or raw with no paint. The owner has painted his to match the roof. Click on photo for more photos.

  • "Sugar Scoop" type spoiler, ala Ferrari Boxer. Mounts in
    upper portion on the rear trunk lid. 
  • Your choice of a carbon fiber surface over a unpainted high gloss, composite base. 
  • Looks great painted to match your car.

Spoiler - Rear
Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

  • P.I. Motorsports, Inc. Carbon Fiber Delta Wing. Simply stunning, the bottom
    surface of the wing can be painted to match the color of your car. 
  • Painting is not included at this low price. The leading edge, update your car needs.
    Expertly executed and reasonably priced.
  • Your choice of Pantera, DeTomaso or no script. Kit includes drill bit, pattern and permanent bonding adhesive. 

cfdeck83002b.jpg (148945 bytes)  winghound312a.jpg (29214 bytes)  winghigh312a.jpg (31124 bytes)

  cfdeck83002d.jpg (113114 bytes)

  • Give your front end a leading edge look with high tech carbon fiber. Weight savings alone is worth the price. Add our custom vents to gain better cooling. Offered at less than half the price of the competition.

  • Click here for prices

Spreader Bar

Spread91504.jpg (155537 bytes)
  Spread91504f.jpg (114676 bytes)


Spread91504b.jpg (219138 bytes)    Spread91504a.jpg (176468 bytes)

  • Concours Quality Spreader Bar
    Rear trunk wheel house hrace

  • A highly detailed and elegant member to add to your car.

  • Jeweler quality polishing.

  • DeTomaso and Pantera script pentagraphed on surface.

  • Lightened body by hollowing.


Steering rack rebuilding and bushings

  • PI Motorsports, Inc. offers steering rack rebuilding services.
  • Planning to rebuild your steering rack? We now stock that hard to find bushing that really fits!
  • Rebuild your rack for $195.00. Please add on $75.00 for new boots and steering rack bushing
  • Bushing alone is 
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price:  $44.95
  • Non-member price: $49.95
  • Shipping and handling extra

Steering wheels


  • Piloto steering wheel
  • Our most popular replacement
  • Easy to grip leather
  • Isis logo and adapter kit included.
  • Other styles including Momo brand available.


Sway bar caps
Sway bar chroming and Cover plate

SwayBarCap1.jpg (195378 bytes)  SwayBarCap2.jpg (175880 bytes)  SwayBarCap3.jpg (111087 bytes)

  • Sway Bar Caps with Isis logo 
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price:  $39.95 each
  • Non-member price: $42.95 each
  • Chrome sway bar - $145.00 exchange with your old sway bar
  • Non-Members: $150.00
  • DeTomaso cover plate plaque:
  • Pantera Platinum Customers Price:  $59.95
  • Non-member price: $62.95
  • Polishing available for $20.00 extra

Group 6
 billet aluminum
adjustable suspension system

  • Technical specifications
  • Material: Billet Aluminum crafted on a CNC machine
  • Polished to Concours standards
  • Includes: 8 A-arms, stainless steel rod ends and a-arm busings.
  • Sway bar caps shown in the photo are available at extra cost.
  • Easy to install by the Pantera back-yard mechanic.
  • Adjustable for precision alignment.
  • Much improved cornering and grip.
  • Made in the U.S., not imported from a far-off land.
  • Will make you and your car look younger! Don't be timid of setting up a mirror under your car at the next Concours.
  • Please click here for more information.




  • Group 6 Suspension System Price

    Pantera Platinum Customers Price:  $3,895.00


    Billet aluminum sway bar caps as shown are $39.95 each for Platinum Members and $42.95 each for non-members.

Ordering Instructions

There are three ways to order:

  • Pick up the telephone and call us at (714) 744-1398. We are open M-F from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

  • Fax us your order to (714) 744-1397 and be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include all the shipping particulars. We use UPS

  • Mail us your order and include a check or money order. No cash please!

  • 25% Re-Stocking fee on returned merchandise. Please make all of your selections and purchases carefully. Thank you.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397

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