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M Products - Aftermarket and custom items

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  • The finest intake manifold we have ever offered
  • 351 Cleveland only
  • 20 horsepower more than competing units
  • All aluminum
  • Best with our 750 CFM Holley
  • Fantastic top end charge!
  • 7.5 inches tall from valley pan to the top.
  • Perfect for Panteras.
  • Like a piece of sculpture to look at-check out the quality and design in the photographs to the right.

Mangusta Shift-Plate

  • DeTomaso Mangusta Shift Plate

  • Based upon the original item.

  • Expertly crafted

  • Polished aluminum material.

  • Made in the U.S.!



Mangusta Billet
Aluminum Wheels

  • High definition CNC work. MADE IN THE U.S.

  • Not available anywhere else. Accept no substitutes.

  • Available with or without tires

  • Polished to jeweler like quality.

  • Made from 6061-T6 forged aluminum with one piece aluminum spun outer rim.

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Master Brake Cylinder
Stock Replacement


  • PI Motorsports, Inc. 
    Master Brake Cylinder
  • New, not remanufactured
  • Retain your stock reservoir
  • 1 1/8" Bore
  • More fluid and better braking
  • Direct replacement with no adapters
  • Looks like the original

Mats - Plush

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  • Plush Pantera Floor Mats
  • Thick pile floor mats for the Pantera.
  • Very plush material with a combination of embroidery and woven fabric.
  • Thick binding to protect against unraveling.

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Mats - Carpet Sized

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  • DeTomaso Enthusiasts never can seem to get enough marque-themed merchandise. So, how about these new mats, which can also be used as wall-hangings.

  • Very thick and plush pile with highly detailed lettering in contrasting color materials.

  • Thick binding to prevent unraveling.

  • Large-size mat measures: 36 X 48 inches.


  • Platinum Price: $289.95

  • Non-member price: $299.95

  • Small-size mat measures: 24 X 36 inches.

  • Platinum Price: $149.95

  • Non-member price: $139.95

  • *Custom colors available at extra cost.


Mat - Small Size

Pantera logo mat


  • Measures 12 X 12 inches
  • Rubber anti-slip material on the back
  • Use it on your desk, nightstand or dining room table
  • Very thick textile packed with strands of fiber
  • A real conversation piece and coming soon, door mats and wall hangings.

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Mats for the Mangusta

Mangusta Floor Mats - Value Priced

  • Here is a set of Mangusta floor mats that are affordable and fit.

  • Come with the Isis logo embroidered with quality thread.

  • Long lasting and absorbent.

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  • PI Motorsports, Inc. New Vision Mirrors
  • Here is a new look that blends well with the stock body or wide body Pantera.
  • Includes electric motors for remote control.
  • Simply glue on to your window.
  • Clean, sculptured shape and not overwhelming size.
  • Width of mirror assists peering around wide body flanks.
  • Black matte finish can be prepped and painted or use as is.



Mufflers - Big Throat
Replacement mufflers 
with fluted tips

  • Big Throat Mufflers are now in production but with many new updates.
  • Stainless steel constructions with precision welding.
  • Flow-through design for reduced back pressure.
  • Nasty bark that demands attention and respect
  • Hand polished finish
  • Correct fluted exhaust tips measuring 3 inches in diameter
  • Inlet pipe: 2.5 inches
  • Overall length: 25 inches
  • Overall width: 9 inches.
  • Silencer length: 13.5"
  • Exhaust tip length: 7 inches.



Ordering Instructions

There are three ways to order:

  • Pick up the telephone and call us at (714) 744-1398. We are open M-F from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

  • Fax us your order to (714) 744-1397 and be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include all the shipping particulars. We use UPS

  • Mail us your order and include a check or money order. No cash please!

  • 25% Re-Stocking fee on returned merchandise. Please make all of your selections and purchases carefully. Thank you.


PI Motorsports, Inc.
1040 Batavia, Suite G
 Orange, California 92867
 telephone: (714) 744-1398 - fax: (714) 744-1397

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